Bover Lighting

Bover Lighting are a global company based in Barcelona. The company is a result of Joana Bover having an idea that she sketched onto a napkin and a piece of tablecloth in a roadside restaurant in 1996. National and international re-owned designers and architects joined her on her venture to make it the success that it has now become.

Check out Bover’s range of Pendants, Outdoor, Wall Sconces, Ceiling, Bollards, Floor and Table lights

“Nature, tradition, design and technology are the foundation of our products”

  • Bover Lighting - An array of pendant lamps from the collection in front of a wall
  • Bover Lighting - A selection of three Indoor Maxi Pendants hanging from a ceiling in front of a doorway
  • Bover Lighting - A singular Syra pendant hanging over a dining room table
  • Bover Lighting - A singular Aluet pendant hanging over a kitchen worktop
  • Bover Lighting - A multiple range of sizes of Amphora lamps outside on a patioed garden
  • Bover Lighting - A row of four Platet lamps on a wall outside in a hospitality setting
  • A row of Valentina Pendants draped over a kitchen worktop

All about Bover Lighitng

Bover Lighting designs have been displayed in projects all over the world, from hospitality, residential, retail or offices there are no limits to where these lights can be situated due to their diverse and highly versatile nature. Bover Lighting is extremely unique in its prospect of craftsmanship, harnessing their skills to stay economically friendly. Nature plays a crucial part in their design and construction. Inspired by the materials around them, Bover use leather, cotton, wood, fiber and ribbon for their lamps.

They share their Mediterranean identity through handmade products to share the beauty of their way of life with the rest of the world. They strive to bring a sense of warmth to peoples homes with a personalized feel to their designs, making sure that their expanding range of beautiful lights remain timeless. Despite the company’s successful growth, Bover have never strayed away from their original vision; warm, handmade and colourful lighting. Product quality and value are at the forefront of what Bover set out to consistently achieve.

“Sustainability should become a daily habit we all need to include in our decision making. We see design as the tool that enables us to activate change and decide what kind of relationship we want to have with out planet” – Joana Bover

“We bring back customs, trades and values, a way of understanding the life we share. Learning from our history allows us to improve and avoid the mistakes we make.” – Jonana Bover

Check out Bover’s range of Pendants, Outdoor, Wall Sconces, Ceiling, Bollards, Floor and Table lights