Bover Roda Indoor Ceiling\Wall Lamps

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The Bover Roda Collection are uniquely versatile lamps that can be placed horizontally or vertically and can be situated in different compositions by the user. Its inner contour is surrounded by an aluminum ring housing a continuous circle of LEDs, emitting a uniform, filtered light in a wide area. Despite their large volume they are weightless and easy to maintain and the user can customize the canopy painting its cover plate. These lamps include two spacer tube sizes that allows to create installations with multiple lamps, the same lamp can also be used as a wall or ceiling lamp.

A mirror can be applied as an accessory onto the two smallest Wall Lamps only.

Available in an array of sizes and two colours.

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Bover are a Spanish lighting company, based in Barcelona, Spain. Born in 1996, Bover is one of the most prestigious lighting companies in Spain and they find inspiration in the way of life of the people who live on the shores of the Mediterranean. The mainstay of the brand is timelessness; they bring together contrast and order, beauty, light, culture and also elegance.

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PF/90, PF/120, PF/150, PF/200


White Translucent Ribbon Shade, Cream Translucent Ribbon Shade

Light Source

Dimmable 1-10V, Dimmable Triac


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