Toscot Novecento Ceiling

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The Toscot Novecento is a unique design, inspired by traditional barn houses where they used oil lamps on a cable. The lights are a great option as they can be used indoors or outdoors. There are a great range of colour options, these include, black, wine, blue, beige, green and grey. You can also customise the cable colour, the options are, red, brown, grey, black and white, black and blue, If you wish to use the lights outdoors you have to use a neoprene cable which makes the light suitable for outdoor use.  The range includes a pendant, ceiling light and a wall lamp. See the rest of the Toscot range here.

Toscot are an Italian lighting company, based in Tuscany, Italy. They have over 17 years industry experience and have produced stunning lighting over the years. They have a passion for using traditional methods to produce their lights; and stick to their mantra of “Made by people”.


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