Vibia is a global lighting company which originated in Barcelona. Their consistently evolving products continue to become diverse and economically beneficial. With their new holistic approach to lighting design, Vibia have developed the tools for interior designers to create beautiful spaces that people can admire in any context or timeframe.

Jessica Jones have been working with Vibia for 20 years, continuing to bring you their latest innovative designs to create your beautiful space

  • Vibia Outdoor Floor Lamp in the garden
  • Vibia line of 45° Ceiling Lamps in a kitchen
  • Custom made Algorithm Hanging Pendant
  • A simple Guise Wall hanging next to another version
  • Array Pendant Lamps in two sizes
  • Vibia Flamingo Mini Pendant Lamps in two styles
  • Vibia Halo Jewel Hanging Pendant
  • Vibia Wireflow Pendant Lamps

Vibia supply an extensive range of products which include lamps for hanging, floor, table, ceiling wall and outdoor. With the ability to personalize configurations of selected products, they have the resources to create projects suited to your own unique style. They are diverse in the way they work with a wide selection of designers, all with their own style but all looking to redesign contemporary lighting. Composition and use of space is key which all of Vibias designers integrate into their work.

Vibia have always had one goal in mind when it comes to lighting design, to create a better space for people. That good design generates a sense of beauty and harmony which leads to a persons well being. Sustainability is also at the core of what they stand for. Vibia expands they find new innovative ways to change materials to become more eco – friendly and reduce consumption with low voltage LED’s.

Vibia also pride themselves on the versatility of their products. They have the ability to be integrated into any space with minimal intervention and or installation infrastructure. This also means they have extreme durability which minimizes its environmental impact over its long life span.

Commercial and technical support is offered every step of the way when working with Vibia. This helps make sure that all of your requirements are adhered to as well as offering their advice and expertise.