Bover Cornet Outdoor Bollard

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The Bover Cornet B/27 Outdoor Bollard has a distinct and beautiful way of standing out as if a piece of nature itself, blending its unique stature into its surrounding to make the space around it peaceful an tranquil.

Its Stone Grey body presents itself with a dimmable TRIAC LED source that shows through its layers creating a slightly broken but never dominating presence.

Available in three sizes.

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Bover are a Spanish lighting company, based in Barcelona, Spain. Born in 1996, Bover is one of the most prestigious lighting companies in Spain and they find inspiration in the way of life of the people who live on the shores of the Mediterranean. The mainstay of the brand is timelessness; they bring together contrast and order, beauty, light, culture and also elegance.

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B/27, B/52, B-77


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