Toscot Smith Outdoor Bollard

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The Toscot Smith is named after the most common English surname as is the most common form of lamp on the market. This series is for outdoor use; it combines wall lights, ceiling lights and bollards and has a wide range of colours to choose from which bring an unexpected warmth to any environment. A simple, square and stylized LED light that is made entirely by hand in terracotta, Smith is brilliant for classic or rustic exteriors, to illuminate porches, avenues or passageways, characterised by minimal design. It is available with different lighting solutions and has an exclusive range of colours to choose from. Please get in contact for more information about the colours that are available. See the rest of the Toscot range here.

Toscot are an Italian lighting company, based in Tuscany, Italy. They have over 17 years industry experience and have produced stunning lighting over the years. They have a passion for using traditional methods to produce their lights; and stick to their mantra of “Made by people”. If you would like to find out any further information, you can visit

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P128C-L-095, P128C-L-040, P128C-H-095, P128C-H-040, P128XC-L-095, P128XC-L-040, P128XC-H-095, P128XC-H-040, P129.1C-L-095, P129.1C-L-040, P129.1C-H-095, P129.1C-H-040, P129.1XC-L-095, P129.1XC-L-040, P129.1XC-H-095, P129.1XC-H-040, P129.2C-L-095, P129.2C-L-040, P129.2C-H-095, P129.2C-H-040, P129.2XC-L-095, P129.2XC-L-040, P129.2XC-H-095, P129.2XC-H-040


RB Ref. Bianco, PR Ref. Grigio, GS Galestro, CT Corten, SC Schwarz, GN GalestroNero


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