Toscot U-Boat Outdoor Floor

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The Toscot U-Boat was inspired by the submarine periscope that emerges from the water to scan the horizon; this outdoor floor lamp is characterised by minimum bulk by creating small niches where the light hides but illuminates. Handmade using natural colour outdoor clays and diffusers, this series offers three different versions with 1-2-3 LED lights in a range of colours. Perfect for outdoor surroundings such as entrances, gates or to enhance your garden, creating a rustic style environment. Please get in contact for more information about the colours that are available. See the rest of the Toscot range here.

Toscot are an Italian lighting company, based in Tuscany, Italy. They have over 17 years industry experience and have produced stunning lighting over the years. They have a passion for using traditional methods to produce their lights; and stick to their mantra of “Made by people”. If you would like to find out any further information, you can visit

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P211C-L-095, P211C-L-040, P211C-H-095, P211C-H-040, P211XC-L-095, P211XC-L-040, P211XC-H-095, P211XC-H-040, P212C-L-095, P212C-L-040, P212C-H-095, P212C-H-040, P212XC-L-095, P212XC-L-040, P212XC-H-095, P212XC-H-040, P213C-L-095, P213C-L-040, P213C-H-095, P213C-H-040, P213XC-L-095, P213XC-L-040, P213XC-H-095, P213XC-H-040


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